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Paramount Aluminum Enclosure

Structural integrity, weather resistance, and low maintenance are key features that have made aluminum the material of choice in the design of the Paramount Enclosure. Combine the many sizes of patio doors, custom made horizontal sliding windows, 3 glass styles, and color options and you get an enclosure that is so versatile that the possibilities are endless.

The Paramount Aluminum Enclosure by Urban Industries provides three seasons of enjoyment and utility. The Paramount is a truly versatile enclosure system offering time proven, maintenance-free aluminum construction, quality aluminum sliding windows, and rugged aluminum patio doors. A roof style to meet you needs and an insulated core for strength, making the Paramount Aluminum Enclosure a winning combination.


Paramount Elite Enclosure

The Paramount Elite Aluminum Enclosure offers the best of both worlds. Starting with the Paramount Aluminum structure, mix and match vinyl fill panels, vinyl windows, vinyl doors, or custom windows and doors to make the perfect enclosure to suit your home and budget. With the wide variety of possibilities, there’s sure to be something for everyone.