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arched awning on trailer

Urban Arched Patio Cover

The Urban Arched Patio Cover is a time proven, weather tested, all aluminum patio cover that incorporates arched panels to provide added strength while creating a flowing architectural profile. The panels have been folded or “boxed” to prevent the possibility of water leakage at the home. For longer projections, rib bracing is available to help provide the structure and strength to withstand the winter snows.

One and one half inch square extruded, fluted, painted telescoping posts, extruded mounting rails, support channels and gutter with roll formed house style 2″ x 3″ downspouts all matching the panel color, and even trim in several complimenting colors combine to make the Urban Arched Patio Cover a true work of art.




 Insulated Patio Cover

The strong, attractive, 3 inch thick All Season Patio Cover is the answer to today’s home improvement needs. It’s slim, clean profile belies it’s phenomenal strength. Available with extruded thermally broken aluminum h-bar joiners or with self joining snap locking panels, the All Season Patio Cover provides an R 13-1/2 thermal efficiency shielding against the summer sun’s heat and the winter cold.

An insulated cover is a great choice when planning ahead for the possible installation of a sunroom or screen room.





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Urban’s Snap Lock roof panels are tested and certified by the ICC Evaluation Service.

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