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Forming, Stamping, and Fabrication

With a vast array of forming and fabricating abilities, it would be impossible to fully detail all of the available options. Please contact us to duscuss how we can meet your needs.

Custom Lamination

Below are some of the many materials that can be used to meet your custom lamination needs.

ACRYLIC and POLYESTER Paints: These are the most common and most economical paint systems used for building product sheets (siding, soffit, enclosed patios, etc).

There is no specific guarantee against ultraviolet sensitivity or attack by airborne pollutants, however the following performance properties are exhibited.

KYNAR: this is known chemically as a polyvinyl flouride coating. The resin is 70% Kynar 500, developed and patented by the Pennwalt Company of Philadelphia. The carbon / flouride bond that is the basis of Kynar is the strongest bond known to man. Kynar exceeds the AAMA 605 test for weathering, humidity, ultraviolet, paint adhesion, chemical resistance, and formability. Although the AAMA 605 test is a 5 year standard, the Kynar finish used by Urban Industries is guaranteed for 20 years. Kynar is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors.

CERAMICSTEEL: this process consists fo firing inorganinc ceramic materials onto light guage steel at temperatures in excess of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. This produces a high grade fused ceramic surface that is non-porous, uniform in both color and strength without a directional grain. The inorganic color oxides are fused to form an inert ceramic surface that is immune to UV light degradation. Ceramicsteel has a limited warranty for 20 years exterior and 50 years interior. Ceramicsteel is available in a wide variety of standard and custom colors.

POLYSTYRENE: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) of densities from 1# to 2-1/2# per cubic foot is the most economical and probably the most widely used core material for sandwich panels, and is available in a wide range of thickness. Styrofoam (DOW Chemical), which is an extruded polystyrene board, can also be specified.

POLYISOCYANURATE: Available in many thickness and densities which afford a greater R value per inch than polystyrene.